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Overcoming domestic abuse and violence

Carrol Rowe is the author of the book “Overcoming”. This is a true life story that will inspire anyone about how the author found the courage to overcome domestic violence, school bullying and other related issues of abuse.

She can offer a motivational and inspiring talk about experiences from her personal life surrounding the true story from her book. The aim is to bring a sense of courage, resilience, strength and hope to all who are willing to listen and to educate young people about choosing the right decisions when forming relationships. Carrol also touches on the negative effects of domestic violence but how these can be overcome with self-healing and positive attitude.

Carrol’s session can be delivered on a one-day basis or within two days which will cover topics such as:

  • identifying an abusive relationship,
  • how to report an incident of domestic violence,
  • statistic surrounding domestic abuse,
  • different types of abuse,
  • who could be at risk,
  • why perpetrators abuse,
  • useful contact details for organisations that can help.

Carrol’s talks can include activity sessions where students can critically study the topics of domestic abuse.

Domestic Abuse and Violence UK

Meeting Carrol is like meeting a pacesetter in her own right; in terms of a warm conversational style, she comes across as charming, lively, witty, eloquent and vivacious.

Pitman Browne

Author, Performer, Poet, Pianist

Carrol, you are such an inspiration to those that know you. A woman of patience, perseverance and determination. You made a noble decision never to let circumstances become boss over you and you bossed over circumstances.

Joseph Muchini

DJonogly Academy