Latest news on knife crime

According to the independent “Sajid Javid contradicted Teressa May over knife crime. He thought, it is due to cut in the numbers of police officers. Teressa May said “We cannot arrest our way out of this problem’’

I believe on a personal level that knife crime is everyone’s problem or responsibility. First, the parents need to educate their teenagers that getting involve in carrying knives are dangerous and risky. Also, that 95% of those who carry knives around for protection end up using it. These young people not thinking of the consequences. They don’t realise that their future is at risk. If you carry a knife you are most likely to use it.

Second, the schools need to be vigilant and I also feel if this issue becomes part of the school curriculum to educate children and make them aware of the danger of carrying knives. It could help to alleviate the problem. There should even be a stop and search of children before and after school. This will ensure no knives are hidden in bags, pockets or socks or on the body of any youths who attend schools.

The government need to impose tougher penalties and longer prison sentences on perpetrators. Immediate jail sentences and incorporate community services.

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