Domestic Violence in the News

According to BBC news; “Councillor given domestic violence order. Oxford deputy mayor suspended over domestic abuse order’’. According to BBC news, Sajjid Malik, the deputy lord mayor of Oxford was given 28 days domestic protection order at Oxford Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

This alarm Suzan Brown, the leader of Oxford City Council saying “She was shocked and disappointed’’

No one knows what can happen that can trigger an inappropriate behaviour. However, if there is a weakness that can cause the behaviour to surface my advice is to seek professional help especially if the person is in the public eye. The allegation against Sajjid has caused Labour Party to confirm that they were proud of their history of standing up for victims of domestic abuse. This caused Sajjid to be issued with a suspension.

In England it is said “2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2018. In every 6 in 100 adults, saying women were around twice as likely to have experienced dv abuse than men (7.9 % compare with 4.2 %) 22 Nov 2018