A guest and Columnist, Cheryl Thomas, Executive Director of Global Rights for Women, discussed the barriers facing domestic violence during COVID 19.

According to “Shelter in Place’’ that a surge in domestic violence in both US and Globally and is transpired from Coercive Control.

It is said that “Abusers has ceased the moment through isolation, compliance to terrorise women and children and further keep women separated from their jobs, supportive, networks, including friends and families and even their children. This has compound them with fear and anxiety.

Source reveal, people around the world who are victims of dv are cut off from communities and are unable to connect or contact people outside for necessary service and support.

Also, the inability for victims to contact shelters and therefore feels cut off from those services and support. Also, other victims feel cut off from outreach programs, advocacy and judicial systems that helps enforce abuser’s accountability.

According to source; these are dangerous times for women and children, who are at risk of domestic and sexual violence. Source confirms Pandemic and Natural disasters increase domestic violence.

Stastics of countries with rise in domestic violence such as France and Argentina 30% and 25% rise in dv calls. Brazil reports a 40% increase, hot spots are UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and China.