About Carrol

Carrol  is one who possesses determination, courage and tenacity. She is not willing for any turbulence in life to detour or defeat her. This shows through-out her Manuscript.

Carrol originated from the Island of Jamaica and emigrated to the UK. Her first venture into further education was Computer Programming but since it was not her passion, she realised it wasn’t for her. Carrol didn’t stop there but searched to find her true passion, which was teaching. She had previously worked in that field for ten years. Continuing her professional development she managed to educate herself and acquire a qualification at Diploma Level in Health and Social Care. She has also studied Counselling and Psychotherapy at Sherwood Institute.

There is another side to Carrol that she cherishes and that is her Faith. According to Carrol she couldn’t survived without that Spiritual connection. She describes it as the driving force that keeps her throughout those difficult times.

Carrol also writes Poetry and a Play which is called Change. This has to do with raising awareness about gun/gang related issues. To date she has written and published her first and second Edition of Survivor and now on the third edition.

She is mother to four children, two of whom are now adults and two teenagers. She works part time, writes and still finds time to be pursuing a Bsc Hons in Criminal Psychology at the University of Derby.

 According to Carrol, even though her book is filled with high drama and has a tendency to make the reader stop and think, it is considered a self-help book that will educate, inspired, empower and bring to light some of the dark secrets that families may never hope for anyone to know. She wants the reader to know that she hopes by exposing these issues there will be a turnaround not only in her generation but others too.

The issues of domestic violence and other types of abuse has been long reigning in her generation and she thinks that its high time for this demon as she may call it to be exposed so that her children and grand-children will never experience what she has gone through.

In the book Survivor: The Escape, Ditto talks about the most secret part of her life which wasn’t easy to take in. She did not see it as fun when she talks about her private life because she too was struggling to put such tales on paper. However, she  realised that it brought a sense of deliverance and healing to an extent. Healing takes time, but she will stick to the process to fully recover. Whilst reminiscing and finding it hard to talk about some of the things she shared, she hopes that her reader will learn and share what they learn and try never to make the same mistakes she herself had made. Carrol wants this sort of openness she demonstrates to be a learning curve for her generation and her reader.

 The hope is that this book will bring healing and revelation but the whole aim she claims is to connect with the emotions of the reader. For far too long people have seen this kind of horror as the norm, when it’s ripping families apart, destroying generations and costing the Health Care System and Police large amounts of money which is a drain on tax payers and family members.

Carrol has a passion to help others and to help provide any kind of support needed for the individual to recover. This has led her to become part of a Women’s Organization to voluntarily  give support to women who have experienced domestic violence. Also Carrol is setting up an NGO as an off shoot of CDR Writing and Production Company Ltd. This is where she wants to focus on rescuing women and children from domestic violence.