Carrol Rowe

Growing up on the Island of Jamaica I had personal experience of domestic abuse and bullying. Being a person who possesses determination, courage, tenacity and strong faith, I determined to not only overcome these experiences myself but learn how to help others improve their lives and experiences too.

After immigrating to the UK I obtained qualifications in Health and Social Care and Counselling and Psychotherapy. I’ve worked in related fields and joined Women’s Support Groups in Nottingham gaining experience and training in Domestic Violence and support.                                                                                                 

I’ve also worked within schools as a support worker and given talks to groups of students of various ages. My goal has always been to help others and this has led me to pursue a BSc Hons in Criminal Psychology at the University of Derby. I have also written a book about my experiences to help others experiencing domestic abuse realise that they are not alone, and that help and support is available. The books aim is to give them inspiration, aspiration and strength.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



I have also written poetry and a play called Change which aims to raise awareness of gun and gang-related issues.

To get my message out I give talks in Schools, Colleges and Universities as well as to other organisations.

“Carrol, you are such an inspiration to those that know you. A woman of patience, perseverance and determination.”

Joseph Muchini – Djonogly Academy Nottingham

“Overcoming A Must Read Book For 2021” 

Dedicated to all women in society who have been affected by Domestic Violence and have survived. Also for those sisters and brothers who are struggling to overcome. I am pleased to dedicate this book to you in order to encourage, strengthen, empower, motivate and help you rise to another Level. The Level that that will not only change your lives but the world you live in. 


The aim of this book is to shed light on circumstances of abuse and also a self-help tool for those who need something to draw upon for strength. Domestic violence has been swept under the carpet for too long and has caused families to suffer. Men and women experience domestic violence; some have lost their lives. Others are left suffering from mental health-related issues. I am grateful to God that I have emerged, not as a victim, but as someone who has overcome and is now willing to bring awareness through my story to empower others who need that push.

Another aim of Overcoming is to bring out factors which others may well identify within the realm of personal experiences. In the same breath, I am encouraging us to have the courage to take positive actions by addressing these issues as and when they surface

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Overcoming, Must Read Book 2021

Overcoming, The Must Have Book For 2021

SURVIVOR : A summary of the book

This story is about one woman’s courage to overcome domestic violence,
school bullying and other related issues of abuse. The story presents the leading character as a
resilient woman who is determined not to let this evil destroy her. Instead, she builds up the
courage to walk away even when the perpetrator was determined to destroy her.
This was one personal battle she had to win

Mothers, why do you feel so much pain?

Is it because you care?

Is it because you carry that special gift called life?

So precious, only eternity knows.

Mothers, you were created for this purpose,

To care,

So, be encouraged,

Be strengthened,

Be vigilant,

Be hopeful,

Knowing that… your break is near.



An excerpt from Pain of a Mothers Heart


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Change - Raising awareness of gun, knife and gang related issues

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